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St. Hildegard Cutting Board

St. Hildegard Cutting Board

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If you're looking for a unique Catholic gift, our St. Hildegard cutting board is just the thing.

Made of durable bamboo with a juice groove and a really wonderful metal handle, the decorative engraving of this cutting board shares the advice of the great Saint of the Middle Ages and Doctor of the Church.

Known as a healer and mystic, St. Hildegard's original recipe for her "cookies of joy" was loved far and wide for its enlivening qualities. I'm not saying that I recommend them, but cinnamon anything and a nap sounds good to me. 



Why we love it

• Cookies & a nap. Is this a trick question?
• Great for daily use
• Sustainable and durable
• Easy care

Materials & Dimensions

Materials: bamboo, metal
Dimensions: roughly 16" x 12" x ¾"

Care guide

Spot clean with a damp soft cloth. Dry immediately with a clean soft cloth.

Do not soak. Do not wash in the dishwasher.


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